Turok EX Modding Guide



File Overview

actorfx text files defining various rendering effects, like the shockwave weapon turning enemies black, and pickups growing to size when dropped by enemies
anims skeletal animation data for dynamic models
defs text files defining a wide variety of properties, such as ammo pickup amounts, which models actors should use, damage properties, texture animation, etc.
fonts images laying out all available characters for various fonts
fx text files defining things like projectiles, shell casings, and particle effects
gfx HUD, splash screen, and menu cursor graphics
lensflares lens flare graphics, and text files defining how to combine them for various effects
levels map files
localization defines all the in-game text, in various languages
materials text files defining how individual textures should be rendered - transparency, texture filtering, emissive, etc.
models 3D mesh data, for both static and dynamic models
progs GPU shaders
scripts code defining how things behave, like weapons and certain aspects of enemies
skies cloud textures and materials
sounds audio files (waves), and text files (shaders) that define how to play those audio files for various effects (pitch, delay, mixing sounds together, etc.)
sprites graphics files referenced by kfx files, and text files for defining their frames for animation
textures graphics used for everything else (level textures, model skins)
trails defines polygonal trail effects (arrow trails, enemy swipes, t-rex laser, etc.)

Assorted Notes

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